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How we die

We can’t tell you how you will die, but we can tell you how most people die. By diving deep into this, you will develop a strong intuition for the types of things
you’ll need to avoid in order to live a long and healthy life.


David Dvir, MD
My story

Nitzan Anav, MD
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Personalized health care, driven by your Goals, Risks, Strategy and tactics

  • Maximize longevity

What is Precision Medicine?

This Isn't Biohacking: Just Science, Expertise, Strategy and Practical Tactics.

You'll learn both the theory and practice of the applied science of longevity. Together, we'll construct your own,
personalized, end-to-end longevity program—essentially, your ever-evolving and updating longevity book.


Optimize Your Chance of Living the longest, Healthiest life You can

How can you live better, for longer?

We start by pinpointing your goals and core motivations. Through a carefully designed series of activities and dialogues, longJourney will lead you on an unparalleled journey, empowering you to take the reins of your longevity.

First Leg - Main Steps

  • Step 1- We start at the end- your אS
  • Step 3 - We'll gather your medical history, conduct thorough lab tests, genetic analyses, and physiological assessments for a comprehensive health evaluation.
  • Step 2- Beginning comprehensive data analysis to create a personalized initial health assessment report.
  • Step 4 - Together, we will begin the process of building the foundations of your personalized approach to longevity


Develop a detailed understanding of your personal risk factors

What are the risks – specific to you – that stand in the way of achieving your longevity goals?

We'll develop a detailed, customized profile of the risks you'll need to navigate throughout your longevity journey.

Second Leg- Main Steps

  • Step 1 Personalized dashboard synthesizing the risks to your longevity
  • Step 3 Review of the most common disease processes, their prevention, and their treatments
  • Step 2- Beginning comprehensive data analysis to create a personalized initial health assessment report
  • Step 4 We'll leverage advanced AI & machine learning to analyze your data for your longevity journey


Build an end-to-end Longevity book for living your
longest and healthiest life

What must you do in order to manage your risks to achieve your longevity goals?

Whether you are just starting your longevity journey, or have been focusing on it for decades, Lonjourney will guide
you through the creation of a personalized plan across each of Lonjourney six trategic domains.

THIRD LEG- Main Steps

  • Step 1-Nutrition and Metabolism
  • Step 4-Mental Health and Resilience
  • Step 2-Physical Fitness and Acrivity
  • Step 5-Cognitive Health and Performance
  • Step 3-Sleep and Recovery
  • Step 6-Medical Optimization and Prevention

An organized, personalized, actionable path to optimizing your longevity

What does it really mean to optimize your longevity? We define longevity as a function of two things: lifespan (how long you live) and healthspan (how well you live).
Longevity is not just about living longer, it’s about reducing the amount of time you spend in the final stages of decline by “squaring your longevity curve.” Through Lonjourney
 you will learn what to do in order to live a longer, better life.


Invest in yourself. Join Lonjourney.

Lonjourney addresses the most essential question you are confronted with in life — how can I live better for longer? For those willing to do the work, this program is fully capable of changing the trajectory of both your healthspan and your lifespan.

Lonjourney Program
January 2024 Cohort

Precision Medicine Made Easy

Certified providers that deliver fully virtual care and ongoing support to help you achieve all of your health goals.


380$/mo or 4200$ annually360$ Saving

This is the new standard of health care.
Include quarterly physician visits
and repeat lab work, as well as
unlimited health coaching to keep you
on track to achieve your goals.


22,000$ annually

Elevate your personal and professional
performance with our concierge medical
experience. Our comprehensive program includes
advanced testing, specialized coaching, and a
wide range of customized services tailored to your unique needs.

Client Testimonial

What lonJourney Member Saying About Us

Once i was Introduced to Lonjourney and Institude Their recommendation based on comprehensive
bloodwork and genetic testing. my life literally changes with a few days.My energy levels Increased
and general malaise disappeared. My message to all who want to make a positive change in the quality
of their life in a natural ways is to join Lonjourney."

The Lonjourney Difference

Care Benefits

Quarterly physician Visits
Unlimited Health Coaching
Advance Genetic Analysis
CGM-Continuous glucose monitor
Quarterly Lab Testing
Dietery and Exercise Recommendation
Unlimited messaging


Traditional Medicine

Begin your longevity journey